Welcome dear victims to the Pit Of Despair.
In glorious combat ... how will you fare?
Will you stand triumphant in blood drenched glory?
Or will your innards be scattered in pieces so gory?

Will your brainpan be popped by a well placed bullet,
from some middle aged guy sporting a mullet?
Will a twelve year old kid use your scorched cranium,
as a lovely flower pot for his Mother's geranium?

The only way to know is to load your Zark gun,
and be victorious and then some, or turned into venison.
All that we ask is don't camp near your flag,
or whine and complain from inside a body bag.

So whether you wax poetic or you wax brazilian,
put your phalange on the trigger and prepare for killing.
With blood soaked arms and an embrace of fervor ...

 The Monsters of Zark welcome you to our server.